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About Us

Who is Papillon Marketing?

Papillon Marketing was launched with the goal of bridging my two passions: digital marketing and animal rescue. I've worked in the marketing automation and digital space for nearly a decade, helping more than 150 clients ranging from startups to global enterprise teams. Some notable achievements include:

  • Winning the 2017 Marketo Enterprise Team of the Year award for Microsoft

  • Creation of a global demand center ranging two business groups and 12 product areas for an $85B multinational software technology company.

  • Planning and execution of global training tour to 300+ marketers on the foundations of digital marketing and processes within their company and roles.

  • Launch of internal HR and department onboarding program for pharmaceutical division of multinational conglomerate corporation.

  • Architecture of recruitment nurture program for a national federal military reserve entity.

  • Streamlining of content syndication and lead lifecycle strategy for prominent Canadian smartphone manufacturer, reducing media spend by 21%.

  • Management of nurture and tele strategy for $23B German multinational enterprise software corporation.

~Rachel Prideaux, Owner

What does Papillon mean?

Pronounced päpēˈyôn, the word has a two-fold meaning:

In both Latin and French, the word means butterfly: As any marketer knows, the industry is about constant transformation – and what better symbol of transformation than the butterfly?

In the animal world, a Papillon is a small dog with butterfly-like ears: After volunteering in animal rescue for the past decade, when I decided to start Papillon Marketing I knew I wanted to incorporate a social aspect based around animals -- a percentage of net profits are donated annually to animal charities

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