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Staff Aug

Already have a rockstar team who could benefit by focusing on strategy while handing off tactical execution? Or maybe you have core builders who need some help with overarching strategy? Do you have staff going on temporary leave? Our Staff Augmentation services provide you additional resources without adding headcount.

Instance Audits

Already have a well-oiled digital marketing engine running, but you're interested in learning the areas you can improve? Let us do an inventory of your setup and processes to see where we can optimize and streamline.


Did you recently complete your "launch package" and now you're thinking "well now what?..." As you know, out-of-the-box setup will only get you so far. Luckily, we're here to help get your instance running the way YOU need it.

Tech Stack Audits

Overwhelmed by the 8k+ vendors in the 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape? We don't blame you! We can analyze the marketing channels and vendors you're using (or thinking about) and recommend the technologies that get you what you need.


Let us teach your team the ins and outs of digital marketing. Better yet, how is your company setup and running its digital efforts. Does your sales team understand all the moving parts going in to handing them a qualified lead? Pairing this with documentation and mentoring is a perfect match!


Office-hour mentoring sessions are intended to deliver practical guidance on the use of digital marketing platforms. Common topics include campaign setup, sanity checks, tips and techniques, troubleshooting and "how do I..." navigation. 


Did you know the average employee tenure at a tech company is estimated at around 3.5 years? When your employees leave, so does the knowledge -- unless it's documented! Unfortunately documentation is often last item on the to-do list. Let us help by documenting your setup and processes.

Agency Resource

Are you an agency with an overflow of work that you need extra hands for? Similar to our direct-to-client Staff Augmentation services, Papillon Marketing loves to collaborate with other agencies.

Social Media

Papillon Marketing can curate and manage your social media strategy and execution. We'll work with you to optimize your digital marketing efforts on the social platforms that make sense for your business.

SMB & Personal

Do you own a small business and want to get digital, but don't know where to start or simply don't have the time? We'll work with you to get you the online presence you need to get ahead.

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